Day Center

Day Center Services

Our Day Center Service is available from 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday.

MedDoc provides a number of specialist day services for older people and people living with dementia. These give members the opportunity to have fun and socialise with other people, and offer family a well-deserved break.

Bella Vista

Our day care service support people with a range of needs, from older people who want more social experiences to people who require care and support. We also can provide transport to and from our service for people who are unable to make their own transport arrangements.


Our day services

  • Have a light breakfast (specific to their dietary requirements)
  • Take part in cognitive stimulating and therapeutic activities including filling out worksheets, arts and crafts, technology based cognitive programs, reminiscence therapy, snoezelen room therapy etc.
  • Enjoy a nutritious lunch (specific to their dietary requirements)
  • Take part in recreational activities including singing, games, movies etc.
  • Have their medication administered by the staff nurses
  • Toileting will follow the extent of independence that the service user is capable of.
  • In the case of an accident/ incontinence episode, the service user would be showered by carers in a way that will preserve dignity as much as possible in one of the bathrooms at the centre.
  • In the case of using Bella Vista transport, the service user will be picked up and dropped off at the point and at the time previously agreed with the center (unless the service user is a candidate for home collection and drop off).

Our Approach

We strive for our day services to be fun and exciting places. We get to know our members really well – understanding the things that they enjoy, how they want to be supported and what is important to them – so we can offer support that fulfil the personal tastes and interests of people we support.

We focus on supporting people to retain their existing skills, and to gain new ones. We believe that you are never too old to enjoy something new or different. From arts and crafts to internet sessions, sports activities to local history reminiscence, our teams ensure that every member can get involved in something they enjoy.

By providing a great range of activities and delivering truly person-centred support, our day care services promote the health, happiness, wellbeing and independence of people we support.

Rehabilitation services

Sometimes, illness or injury may mean that a period of intensive care and support in a residential setting is needed. This may occur following discharge from hospital or as an alternative to hospital admission.

Community Integrated Care’s intermediate care services provide:

  • therapeutic environment in which to recuperate and recover.
  • An individually tailored care plan to encourage a swift return to full health.
  • Specialist treatments to help regain strength and independence.
  • Access to a full team of dedicated, caring health professionals