Catering Service

As part of our service, we strive on delivering a calorific value to our service user. We also conduct individual dietary requirements to suit best practice. Our Meals are traditional dishes, were our service user can relate food with their past. We deliver a well balance diet to sustain the required energy consumption, each individual has different metabolism, requiring all groups of Macro-nutrients  and Micro-nutrients, but in different amounts.
Nutrition & Health
Food, Nutrition and Health, all three working together to provide a basal Metabolic Rate.
These processes include the basic ones, which are:
  • BreathingCatering Service
  • Heartbeat
  • Maintenance of body temperature
  • brain activities
  • secretion of enzymes
  • production of body tissues
We provide a full range of service, please see below:
Balance Nutrition intake, Food intolerance, encouraging healthy eating, fortified foods, snacks foods and ethnic diets.
See below the full range of services the Catering Department currently provides:
  • Hillsides Catering
  • Catering Support staff to external agencies.
  • St Bernadette’s Day Centre Lunch meals