Our Values

Our values are based, focused and centered around the patients needs, which is our utmost priority. To date MedDoc has dedicated its working life delivering the most appropriate care to our community of the highest standard. Our aim is to create the right environment to support people affected by dementia with respect, dignity and confidentiality so they can enjoy the best possible quality of life by using person centered care. By using a holistic approach, we can recognize and identify the impact of the progression of this disorder hence we can action changes of care needs to each individual patient from the earliest possible opportunity.  

Our Aims and Objectives

  • We aim to provide a flexible, efficient and a high quality service.
  • We aim to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of the Service User, and to enable the Service User to maintain their personal independence, have informed choice and an opportunity to enjoy and contribute to society
  • MedDoc is none discriminatory and shall serve all Service Users regardless of race, nationality, language, religion or beliefs, age, sex or sexual orientation, or social standing, nor is there any discrimination made between Service Users who pay directly for the service and those who do not. In the event of special needs and preferences of ethnic, cultural and religious group’s advice would be sought to enable MedDoc staff to meet those needs.
  • Our objective is the provision of a high quality professional organisation that is committed to assisting the Service User to maintain his/her quality of life and to remain in their own home for as long as possible and as long as it is in the Service Users own interests.

Our Principles

  • To focus on Service Users.
  • To provide personal care and support in a ways which have positive outcomes for Service Users and promote their active participation.
  • To making the Principles of Good Care fundamental to MedDoc’s work.
  • To ensure we are fit for our purpose.
  • To examine our operations constantly through a self-audit to ensure that we are successfully achieving our stated aims and purposes.
  • To work for the comprehensive welfare of our Service Users.
  • To provide for each Service User a package of care that contributes to his/her overall personal and healthcare needs and preferences.
  • To co-operate with other services and professionals to help to maximise each Service Users independence and to ensure as fully as possible the Service Users maximum participation in the community.
  • To meet assessed needs. Before we provide services, we ensure that a potential Service Users needs and preferences are thoroughly assessed.
  • To ensure that the care MedDoc provides meets the assessed needs of each Service User, and the needs are reassessed as frequently as necessary.
  • To ensure that the care and support provided have the flexibility to respond to changing needs or requirements.
  • To provide quality services. We at MedDoc are wholeheartedly committed to providing top quality services and to continuous improvement in the level of the care we offer.
  • To employ a quality workforce. Standards for our Managers and Staff are bases on the national occupational standards for the care industry set by the National Training Organisation.

Nature of Service

MedDoc is able to provide practical help with daily activities, personal and respite care. MedDoc is ready to provide support and care for the following:

  • The older person
  • Physically disabled
  • Persons with a learning disability
  • Mental illness
  • Terminally ill

Service Users Rights

MedDoc promotes a way a life for Service Users, which permits them to enjoy, to the greatest possible extent, their rights as individual human beings. The principles of good care are fundamental to our work.

  • The Service User has a right to know how services shall be provided, who shall provide them, how flexible they may be and what resources are available.
  • The Service User has a right to ask about the quality of service provided and for their views to be recorded, and if necessary acted upon.
  • The Service User has the right to make a formal complaint against MedDoc Management or its staff. There is a procedure and guidelines for this purpose.
  • The Service User has the right to be attended to by care staff that have undergone training.
  • The Service User has a right to an advocate and if required an interpreter.
  • The Service User has a right for this statement of purpose to be respected and, to be reviewed in the event of new legislation.