About Us

Meddoc focus on treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from different types of dementia, and in different stages.

MedDoc Limited is a registered Health and Social Care Company that adheres to DOH, UK National Minimum standards, Policies and Procedures for Care Homes. We also follow the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines as requirement to practice. MedDoc is composed by a well-known group of professionals from Gibraltar, with professional experience helping people with neuro-psychiatric conditions such as dementia. 


MedDoc has offered its services to the GHA since 2015 providing health care services and we areNursing proud to say MedDoc has grown and developed greatly in the last months.

Our practices and procedures are those stipulated by the GHA which are based on internationally recognized best practice standards and in compliance with all applicable human rights and legal obligations under the Mental Health Act 2015.

As the clinical needs of residents in care homes become increasingly complex, care homes that provide nursing are playing an integral part in the care of some of societys most vulnerable people. We focus on each individual needs with a personalized care plan for each service user and their relatives. Patients and families will be encouraged to participate in the formulation of their care plans by involving them in the process should they choose to do so.

We aim to offer a home from home service, and provide family and friends with the peace of mind that their loved one is a safe environment, and well cared for. We firmly believe in openness, cooperativeness and transparency and we would be willing to meet and discuss any issues that are not clear or of concern to you. 

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Ricard Gandia

Consultant Psychiatrist

Managing Director of Meddoc Limited Company